Playing on the Home Screen Now Possible with new Android Live Wallpaper


An Android Live Wallpaper that takes full advantage of the inherent capability to function as a normal application, adding more interactivity and fun to the Home Screen experience.

Hong Kong, 10 February 2015 – Uber Gameware released “Magic Touch Bugs” v.1.2 Live Wallpaper.  Android Live Wallpapers market counts today hundreds of millions of downloads.  “Magic Touch Bugs” enhances the Home Screen experience by adding some “game” ingredients.

“Magic Touch Bugs” was inspired by the fact that computer programming errors are commonly known as “bugs”.  Only these Bugs are virtual multicolored little creatures, wandering around an artist’s impression of the inside of a mobile phone, attacking its components at the user’s command…

Electronic components are laid out in a 3D world, in several imaginative ways, for the bugs to wander around, carefully avoiding the obstacles.  When a user touches a component, all the bugs turn and move towards it to attack. They position themselves around the target, aim, and attack!  Every successful hit results in a special visual effect for each electronic component.

At the core of “Magic Touch Bugs” is an Artificial Intelligence Pathfinding algorithm to guide the bugs to their target.  This is made possible because Android Live Wallpapers have the capability to function as normal mobile applications.  Nevertheless, “Magic Touch Bugs” is friendly with the battery, as it goes to sleep when the phone pauses.

Although “Magic Touch Bugs” can be considered unique solely because of its functionality, nevertheless, its uniqueness is enhanced by the very special care that was also given to aesthetics.  Users can customize it to their taste and mood through a variety of color themes for the bugs, the electronic components and the background, as well as several component layouts, which can be configured in the Settings menu.  It supports both landscape and portrait views, and is optimized for tablets.

“Currently, Android Live Wallpapers don’t take full advantage of the capabilities that this OS offers.  We will continue to create Live Wallpapers that function as normal mobile apps, and we believe that sooner or later other developers will follow suit, which will result in a richer, more interactive experience for the end user” said Doretta Filippakos, in charge of Marketing and Communications for Uber Gameware.

“Magic Touch Bugs” is available worldwide on Google Play in two versions: Free, which is ad-supported, and Premium for $1.93 in the US, and priced accordingly in other regions.  More interactive features are planned to be included in version 2.

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Uber Gameware, a new game development company targeting mobile platforms, recently completed the design of its first game, which is sci-fi themed (title unannounced), and currently in production.

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