Magic Touch Bugs Live Wallpapers


A unique Magic Touch Live Wallpaper that is built with Artificial Intelligence at its core!!! Simple and Fun to Play with!!!  Available in Free and Premium versions.

Have some fun tapping around your home screen and watching colorful little bugs attack you phone components!  But don't worry, your phone will survive the attack!  Works on tablets too!

Fun multicolored bugs wander around electronic components laid out in several imaginative ways, carefully avoiding the obstacles. Use your Magic Touch on a component, and watch the bugs as they all turn and move towards it to attack. Watch them as they position themselves around the target, aim, and attack! Every successful hit results in a special visual effect for each electronic component!

Touch electronic components in a sequence, and see how the bugs change their path continuously, in order to attack the last target. A good way to create a horde... Experiment with Touch sequences on different layouts and see how the bugs behave!

A fun way to play with your phone or tablet, anytime anywhere, just by tapping on your home screen.

NEW! Supports both landscape and portrait views, and is optimized for tablets.




Magic Touch Bugs Free

In the free version of the live wallpaper you can select from:
- 5 electronic component layouts
- 5 color themes
- 5 color combinations for the bugz
- 1 to 10 bugz






Magic Touch Bugs Premium        (Currently Unavailable)

In the premium version you can select from:
- 10 electronic component layouts
- 10 color themes
- 8 color combinations for the bugz
- 1 to 10 bugz





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